• Randy Vanadisson

"The Invisible Enemy… Now in Plain Sight" by Randy Vanadisson

August 12, 2020

Before I start, I want to encourage everyone to listen to the podcast embedded below. Spiro is doing incredible work and I commend him for his courageous efforts. If you want to be up-to-date on what’s really going on, you need to listen to this.

My journey has led me to pressing questions - What are my obligations to the world? Is anyone listening? Does anyone care? What are my obligations to my friends and family? Are they listening? Do they care? I don't have the answers. I search deep and come up with nothing. Until I know the answers, I will continue to disseminate my thoughts, my logic, and my intelligence to the people I care about and to anyone else that might be listening.

I have successfully drilled down into some of the psyop-semantics over the years and especially over the last seven months. I highly advise you to stop using the words; right, left, conservative, and liberal. These words are operational and critical in keeping you distracted. So long as you remain captured in the false left/right paradigm you will be unable to see the true plan being rolled out on all of us.

The correct semantics for all current issues are COLLECTIVISM vs. INDIVIDUALISM.

COLLECTIVISTS - GLOBALISTS - OLIGARCHS - TECHNOCRATS. These groups of people are trying to frame their New World Order, the New Normal, and the Great Reset, as a beneficial new paradigm which will take care of ALL life on planet Earth, including animals, and including the environment. They are preaching equality for everyone as well. These are noble causes which absolutely need to be front and center. But do not be fooled by the solutions offered up from those who own everything. They do NOT have your best interests at heart. They do NOT have the earth's best interests at heart. Whatever "solutions" they have waiting for us are not as flowery or selfless as they are making it out to be. I've been watching many of their PR videos and looking at their dreamy websites regarding their perfect world. It all looks so wonderful and perfect until you discover (as Spiro did in the following video) what you will be giving up and that you will have no choice in the matter.

To my family, friends, and everyone that cares about the well-being and extinction of entire species of insects, plants, and animals; to those who care about the air, water, and land, which we all need to survive; to all those who care about social justice and true equality...the oligarchy is using you and they have been for generations. Their "solutions" are NOT coming from a place of altruism. They stand at the door of an invisible prison - the doors are wide open - and they are offering utopia. This is an illusion...a prison for your mind.

Let’s not forget the organizations involved in this “final solution” (as Bill Gates puts it) are the very same ones who created inequality in the first place – the same ones responsible for the destruction of the planet and now they are the ones to save the day? All you have to do is give up your mind and body. They are quite open about their disbelief in the soul, so no cause for alarm there. Do not be seduced. Do your research on their leaders and their organizations' past. I think you will find it easy not to trust them.

The enemy is no longer invisible. They are out in open, in plain sight, telling us exactly what they are about to do for (to) us. Get your affairs in order. Make peace with your higher power, whatever that may be. There is a freight train coming. Most who can’t see it will be like a deer in the headlights, completely fascinated and unaware of the danger. Others will try to flee, but there is no where to run to now. A small percentage will resist – a natural reaction when one is faced with a permanent loss of freedom. As far as their idea of “trans-humanism”... I'll pass on that, thank you.

I'm still a fan of Star Trek. If you remember the series The Next Generation, I’m sure you remember the Federation’s ultimate enemy, the Borg. “Resistance is futile – You will be assimilated”. Remember that? That's them in a nutshell. I would love to make some kind of joke about this, but it’s so close to the truth that this cannot even be considered an analogy. This is actually what they want - to literally get into your brain and teach you what to think. This isn’t science fiction. This is reality. This is now. Having my DNA altered permanently and nanotechnology injected into my body is not anything I am interested in, mandated or not. It's not happening while I am alive.

How are they doing it? Through fear. They are like the old man in the Wizard of Oz - hiding behind the curtain, frail and afraid themselves - hoping they have planned their contingencies accordingly. Covid-19, planned economic destruction, the abolishing of hard currency, and social unrest, are the perfect curtains to hide behind while forcing the new normal - a semantic you cannot get away from (television, movies, billboards, etc. etc.). This semantic is anything but arbitrary. They are attempting to desensitize you and get you prepared for what, in their eyes, must be accepted as the new way of life. Can you hear the large prison door being shut?

PROBLEM – REACTION – SOLUTION. The ‘how’ no longer matters. All that matters now is the ‘what’ and the preparation for what is coming next. Phase III will hit us on or around November 4, 2020. I will stake money on that. Some of the current events and strategies are so incredulous, I can barely discuss them anymore. For example, letting out 10s of thousands (minimum conservative estimates) of felons into the streets of our major cities to stem the tide of this so-called pandemic left me scratching my head along with many others. These same criminals have already been caught, committing crimes again, some against children. The suggestion that all police departments be completely dismantled, shut down, and replaced with social workers. I understand changes are needed, but does this seem rational? Can anyone see where this could go wrong? It's already going wrong.

What is Problem – Reaction – Solution? There are many descriptions and if you Google it, you'll find propaganda seething throughout the pages. Currently, at the very top of the Google search list, they have Wiktionary stating (with no source) that it’s, “A conspiracy theory postulated by David Icke in which the government (or another higher power) manipulates the population by introducing a problem and then using their own means to solve that problem.” How flattering for David Icke. The truth is, this tactic has been around for centuries.

Now, my definition:

A. You have a group of elites at any point in history with measures in place to control or steer the population of a nation or even the majority of the world. This ‘control’ maintains their visible and invisible social stratification. This is usually hidden within an institution of seemingly good and moral intentions (historically, religion - today it's science). It almost always carries a systemic tool of shaming or guilt tripping if someone strays or questions the "rules" of the system. It is self-policing and beyond questioning for as long as possible.

B. There comes a point when the control no longer works due to external pressures and/or changes in general societal processing. The oligarchy can see this far in advance and thus begin planning the solution long before they create the problem. So, while the strategy is called problem – reaction – solution, the solution is always created first. For example, if I wanted to wipe out physical money and replace it with digital currency, I would have a unique cryptocurrency created, tested, and retested, to take the place of physical money long before I pushed the button on destroying the world’s economy.

C. Problem – look around. You are only at the beginning. The problems have to get much worse before the solution is offered. When we no longer have access to food, that will be our threshold. If we find ourselves in massive all-encompassing civil unrest, that will be a threshold. If we find ourselves in a terrible new war, that could be the threshold – if it’s on our soil, definitely. Can the oligarchs create these situations? They have in the past. There is no reason to think they wouldn’t do it again.

D. Reaction – Behaviorists such as Freud, Bernays, and Pavlov, long ago mapped out how human beings will react to certain stimuli. The oligarchs use these precise measurements to create the depth of the problem once they know how and when the majority of people will react to it. The idea with the problem is to make things so bad that the majority of people, in their desperation, willingly give up all their rights and beg for help, whatever it may be. One of my favorite quotes, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety," should be reflected upon deeply at this time.

E. Finally, the solution – already waiting to be rolled out once the people are desperate enough. To the people it looks grand. It is welcome. It is relief and salvation. Yet, this strategy is used when the majority of people will not accept the new paradigm in the beginning. They have to be traumatized into it. The solution is nearly always guaranteed to subtract from the people and give the elites even more power and control than they already have. We are in the initial stages of the problem as I write this.

I am sure some of you are asking who are ‘they’? The list is quite long, but here are some of the main players.

ID2020 -

Global goals -



BIS - - Some have argued this is the top of the ‘visible’ food chain.

Gates Foundation - - I am in total disbelief about his home page. It’s a joke. If you knew what this organization has done to the poor in Africa and India, you would seriously take a moment before injecting any of his financed projects into yourself or your children. Also, if you are trying to get this information, you’ll have to get to English speaking independent news sources from those places. Our search engines’s algorithms make Bill Gates look like the second coming of Christ. It is absolutely ridiculous. Most of the articles have been sanitized right off the internet. I am sorry I didn’t save them as I am doing now. Here is one they seemed to have missed -

And this -

And this -

There used to be dozens and dozens. I could only find these three at the very bottom. The rest have been removed. When you have close to a hundred billion dollars to your name, you can drive any narrative you want!

Okay, I’ve said enough. Those of you still in lock down may want to revisit an old movie, ‘The Matrix’. When you get done, ask yourself, would you want to know? It doesn’t have to be about you being a battery (although there is an argument there as well), but rather just knowing an uncomfortable truth. Would you want to know or would you rather not know?

Finally, I absolutely believe we can achieve the same goals without giving up our mind, our body, and our very individualism. They are going to tell you there is no other way and that you have no choice. That is BS...a giant stinking pile of BS. You always have a choice.

Please watch the following video. The last several weeks, more frequently than ever before, I am asked the question, "Do you know what's going on? I mean, do you know what's really going on?" My best answer, "I have a pretty good idea, yes."

Spiro Skouras is an Independent Journalist and contributor at Spiro and I have been on the same page for some time now. He continues to validate my deductions (from vetted sources and HUMINT) in the subject areas of interest.

Peter Quinones from "Free Man Behind the Wall" interviewed Spiro. It's just over 47 minutes long and well worth the listen. This interview is the most succinct up-to-date intelligence regarding the current twilight zone we find ourselves in. You owe it to yourself and the ones you love to pay close attention as we all need to start making plans to counter what is coming. We are out of time my friends. And remember, we need to ditch the division. They want us divided. Would you hang out on a railroad track arguing and fighting with your oldest rival while a silent freight train was almost on top of you? Divided, we fall…

You have to get over your judgment and hatred. It will not matter when ‘they’ come and crush all of us. You have to come together. Put aside your differences and focus on what’s happening and who is really pulling the strings here. This is not about right/left. Mainstream media is going to do their best to keep you there – divided - don’t do it. That is exactly what they want - all of us completely distracted so they can implement the new "global reset". It’s a well-organized psychological operation. Wake up.

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