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"Punishing Fake-News; A Double-Edged Sword" by Randy Vanadisson

Updated: Aug 6

May 9, 2020

Time to set our premises again – this time regarding me.

1. Not once have I said the Coronavirus doesn’t exist.

2. Not once have I said there are no fatalities related to Coronavirus.

3. Yes, I have said the statistics are meaningless. It doesn’t mean they don’t exist, but the unreliable testing, absence of controlling for known variables, and the integrity of death certification, are so messed up that the numbers truly are meaningless…or worse, politicized for an agenda. See my earlier blog post, “May 2, 2020 ~ Official COVID-19 Infection Rates – A Systemic Problem”.

Today I received an article from NBC about the harm fake-news was causing. The photographs used in this particular article were ridiculous and I’m not giving this story the time of day. Bottom line, this NBC article was written with one task - to crush any credible scientific evidence by presenting ALL dissenters as “people who do not believe the virus exists”.

This is a sleazy tactic and unfortunately it works. I personally call it the ‘flat earth tactic’. By presenting and pushing a far-fetched theory, the credibility of actual exposures and sound scientific challenges of the “official narrative” become indirectly damaged - which is exactly the intent. This is a type of counter-intelligence. It makes the layman say something like, “Flat Earth? Oh, you people! Vaccines, 5G, 9/11, etc. etc. You’re all nuts!” – a completely irrational lumping of unrelated subjects into one group of perceived falsehoods. Works like a charm.

You want to talk about Fake-news? Great, let's talk about CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) – one of the oldest (90+ years-old) and most prestigious news networks in the world – professionalism – honor – integrity, right? Wrong –

1. CBS admits to using footage from Italy in NYC coronavirus report (April 1, 2020) ~

Their response, “It was an editing mistake,” a CBS News spokesperson stated. “We took immediate steps to remove it from all platforms and shows.” I’ll bet they did. I wonder if they would have taken it down had no one discovered the mistake? You're telling me one of the most iconic and oldest news production companies in the country made this kind of mistake? I’ll tell you what, let’s not be too hard on them. It is CBS after all. Moving on.

2. CBS News in trouble for Posting Fake Video Of Crying Nurse To Spread Panic & Fear (April 7, 2020) ~ This one is particularly disgusting. Worse yet, the video is still in circulation. In all this talk of fake-news, and in the light of YouTube and Facebook frantically tearing down hundreds of videos, blogs, and simple opinions grounded in critical thinking, how in the hell is this video still up? Great question. I have several friends who work as nurses, and i can tell you they are overworked, under-equipped, and working in extremely hazardous conditions. This video does an incredible disservice to those actually ‘on the front lines’ as they say. I’ll get into my thoughts about CBS spreading this lie in a moment, but for now let me ask you, what should the punishment be for this woman? Seriously, if I walk into a crowded dark theater, scream fire, and cause a trampling stampede for the exit, what should my punishment be? To my knowledge, nothing has happened to her.

3. Nolte: CBS News Plays Italy Hospital Footage — Again — for Report on U.S. Coronavirus Response (April 9, 2020) ~

I do not agree with John Nolte’s (Breitbart) assessment of why (basically to damage Trump’s bid for reelection) CBS did this again. We can all agree that CBS made another ‘mistake’ – actually, the exact same mistake. What are the odds? Seriously, what are the odds of one of the oldest, most prestigious networks making that same mistake twice within two weeks? And for those of you asking me why, read my earlier posts and focus on the word ‘division’.

4. Michigan Hospital Workers Say CBS and Hospital Admin Faked COVID Patients for Sensational News Segment (May 6, 2020) ~

Kudos to the health care workers who outed them. This is appalling as the crew actually set up and filmed a ‘false reality’ and then presented it as news. CBS declined to comment. Perhaps because it’s going to be a little difficult to call this a mistake? You think?! Project Veritas created a damming video of the CBS psyop which I have included below. The health care workers we’re a little put off by the circus as it took them from their regular duties. Check out the video before they tear it down.

Let me ask, what do you think the appropriate consequences should be for a giant like CBS?

Here is what I think.

For the CBS the company, it has to hurt. It can’t simply be a 10k fine, don’t do again, and get on with your day. No, that doesn’t work. I’m thinking about a fine equal to two-thirds of CBS’s annual net income for two years. I have no idea what that number is, but that sounds right to me.

As to the personnel involved…

Story #1 – The editor and supervising editor should lose their jobs and the Producer should resign. These should be the bare minimum actions taken by the company – and I am making that suggestion under the auspices of this being an actual mistake. I'm being incredibly nice with this one - benefit of the doubt, though it really does look bad.

Story #2 - best case scenario, someone dropped the ball. Yet, it is still being used as effective propaganda and YouTube has yet to take it down. But we are talking about CBS, not YouTube. The best you’ll get on this one is a reprimand to dig deeper and authenticate the subject of the story before you put it out. As to the woman? She should have any nursing credentials (does she even have any?) taken from her for life. Also, institute a permanent life ban from posting any videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or YouTube. If she gets caught doing it under a false name, one mandatory year in state psychiatric care is appropriate in my opinion.

Story #3 – Within two weeks of story #1? Hard time! Same editor and supervising editor – 5 years in prison – no parole. Producer – two years in prison, no parole, and a $500,000 fine. Bare minimums.

Story #4 – Everyone involved in the creation and filming – 5 years in prison, no parole. Producer – two years in prison, no parole, and a $1,000,000 fine.

Some of you are saying this is a bit harsh. Others want more. Well people, it’s all just wishful thinking. If you are wondering why I called this a double-edged sword, it’s because media giants would love general laws passed for such things. Can you imagine what would actually happen? Laws such as these would be used against everyone that was not mainstream! That’s right, the very laws set up to hold giant media conglomerates accountable would be used against every independent journalist and scientist who contradicts the official government narrative.

If you are getting depressed over what I just wrote, don’t. The answer is simple. TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION OR STOP WATCHING IT ALL THE TIME! It's not news. It is mental programming. When I watch mainstream news (any of them), I watch it to see what they are peddling, what they are trying to get you to believe, and how they are doing it (fear based, or incentive based - right/left, makes no difference). I learn every time I watch. I do not learn the news. I learn manipulation techniques and then I try to figure out ways to counter them.

If you want the news, go to my "links" section. I have five vetted sources that will take care of you. You can subscribe to all five for free and get daily news. In fact today, I am posting a great video from Spiro Skouras. He is a writer and researcher from Activist Post and he is doing a fine job keeping us in the real loop of actual reality.

Enjoy, and remember, they want us divided – paying attention to the wrong problems. United, we can do something about what’s happening. Divided, we are sure to lose. They are counting on that division. Don’t let it happen. Find love. Find unity. Wake up. Have a wonderful weekend – much love, Randy

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