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"The Checkmate Formula" by Randy Vanadisson

Updated: Aug 4

May 4, 2020

The Checkmate Formula - Still relevant in the past, present, and future. The original posting was on Facebook, March 29, 2018. I can't believe it's been over two years. I still remember the way I felt that day. I was getting extremely fatigued in maintaining polite debate. I think I was just finished with all of it. It was a combination of trying to help the ignorant while at the same time dealing with Facebook ripping down posts and even private messages I was attempting to send relating to truthful evidence. Here is the post and the formula exactly how I wrote it that day.

"Today was the day I simply got sick to death of trying to wake people up. It started with explaining the conflict between Democrats and Republicans or what I like to call "the grand distraction". That went nowhere. Then I tried explaining to people about reducing all the conflicts down, peeling back the layers, to reveal the one true battle never recognized - the battle of the collective over the individual; to destroy the individual and create total dependence (body & mind) on the collective. This truth fell on deaf ears as well. I tried simple logic and reason. That also was fruitless. Finally, after banging my head bloody on a stone wall, I went back to the masters, Edward Bernays and B.F. Skinner. It was then that I saw the formula (I call it The Checkmate Formula), so perfect and complete, over a century ago, and perfected ever since - first by newspaper, then radio, then television, then the internet, and now the iPhones and Androids, the absolute perfect instruments of control. When you augment (1) with electromagnetic waves (patented technology that has been around for decades), the formula achieves perfection. The ground battles go back and forth in the legislatures but as each generation comes up with K-12 education not teaching reason & critical thinking (the subtraction of independent variable (x)), and parents not teaching this skill, along with all media directed to consistently present reality in a box (1), with over a hundred years of practice and perfection....well people, that's a mountain to be sure - woven into everything, mainstream media, news, movies, religion, politics, health care, agriculture, law, etc. etc. You might as well be blind. It's the first time I can actually see how they did it, using a formula I set up for my own personal understanding - it's so simple and perfect...and in the hands of the people that own everything, incredibly evil. Yeah, I wrote this and if you don't like it, I can't help you. You are not ready yet. Respectfully, Randy Vanadisson."

Is it relevant right now? Absolutely. It's a tried and true model of passively controlling your thoughts.

We really are out of time. You have got to wake up. Let’s stop hating each other. We have a few bullies coming at all of us pretty fast. While you are busy hacking on each other, the true enemy is coming like a freight train at full speed. The longer you continue pointing your fingers at each other, the less time you will have to react when the real threat hits. They are planning to knock us out with no chance of recovery (Best guess, September/October, but on or before election day for sure). United, we can do something about what’s happening. Divided, we are sure to lose. They are counting on that division. Don’t let it happen. Find love. Find unity. Wake up. Have a wonderful week, Randy

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