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Positive News Day

Updated: Aug 2

May 3, 2020

I was going to release a blog on the proper rules of statistics with regard to presenting Covid-19 mortality rates. There are glaring problems with these numbers and, while I am not an epidemiologist, I do have a solid in background in graduate-level statistics (just so you know I am not talking out of my rear end). Those in my inner circle are probably tired of hearing me ranting, “Where are the controls for the known variables like age (70+), chronic illness (especially respiratory), and compromised immunity?” Just curious and one should always ask questions…always.

I am feeling fatigued on this cold wet day here on Whidbey Island and instead of getting into another rant, I want to present this gem of positivity from Del Bigtree over at The HighWire. If you want more info, go to my links page under “Endorsements”. Del presents well-researched information of the highest integrity and he’s had my attention since his famous Vaxxed documentary from 2016. Though Wikipedia describes the movie as ‘pseudoscience’, I can tell you that is ridiculous. There is plenty of hard data to support his position. Additionally, you'll get the story of the intentional hiding of that data (a serious crime).

Interestingly enough, the movie is NOT against getting SEPARATE mumps, measles, and rubella vaccinations, but rather exposes the potential danger in receiving them together, especially within certain cohorts. Do your own research and never take anything Wikipedia says at face value when a controversy is involved. They are notorious for protecting big business and big pharmaceutical companies.

Changing gears - I’ve watched in disbelief at mainstream media’s vilification of vitamin C. What gives? There is also a suspicious lack of focus from mainstream media on the preservation and strengthening of our body’s immune system. Why is that? That should be a daily topic of discussion with regard to this pandemic. I’m currently hearing people actually dismissing vitamin C as an old wives’ tale or even worse, dangerous. That is a harmful perception. Don’t get me wrong, any supplement taken in extreme dosages could be detrimental to your health, but to suggest that vitamin C is unimportant is dangerous thinking. How did we get here? Suggesting that our body’s own immunity should be far down the list of importance has left me scratching my head in disbelief. Again, how did people start thinking this way? Yeah, how did they?

Yes, of course I am being facetious. It’s really just a simple rule of business – eliminate your competition via mainstream media. Well then, what could possibly stand in opposition to your body’s own natural immunity? A magic bullet…a vaccination.

Remember this well; self-determination is NOT on the political spectrum. Stop getting trapped by hating Trump, hating the Republicans, or hating the Democrats. This is the trap my friends. This is exactly where they want us. A dear friend recently asked me who ‘they’ are. Here are some key words for you to research; oligarchy, oligarchs, technocracy, and technocrats, also known as ‘they’. And ‘they’ definitely have a plan for us.

You have to get out of the left-right paradigm war. You have to get away from mainstream media. Another friend asked me, “Where am I going to get my news?” Go to my links section and subscribe to any or all of the five I have listed there. You can’t go wrong. I have vetted all five for the last eight years – good-to-go.

Some rules of war – 1) Know your enemy – Truly know your enemy – Again, research oligarchy, oligarchs, technocracy, and technocrats – the people that own everything. I’ve been telling people for years that the President is a mid-level manager – right, left, center – it doesn’t matter – same with the legislative and judicial branches – mid-level managers. Sorry, but we lost everything a long time ago. Wake up.

2) Keep your enemy divided (i.e. right/left – Dem/Repub – liberal /conserve – man/woman – black/white – etc. etc.) – this provides the perfect distraction to not only win battles, but win the overall war (like being forced into a new medical/economic police state). Wake up.

We are out of time my friends. You have to get over your judgment and hatred. It will not matter when ‘they’ come and crush all of us. You have to come together. Put aside your differences and focus on what’s happening and who is really pulling the strings here. This is not about right/left. Mainstream media is going to do their best to keep you there – don’t do it. It’s a long-running psychological operation that needs to end. Wake up. And now, from Del Bigtree, a little knowledge and hope!

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