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"Mother’s Day" by Randy Vanadisson

Updated: Aug 13

May 10, 2020

To all super cool moms everywhere, Happy Mother’s Day!

My mom is currently isolated in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. She is safe, but she definitely wants her boys to come up and visit. I would love nothing better, especially on a fine day like today. But the U.S./Canadian border is shut down like everything else and I'll need to visit the Canadian embassy in order to obtain a special visa to see her. This sucks.

I guess I’ll just say some stuff right here for the whole world to see –

First in Swedish -

Mor, lady Freja inkarnerar, jag älskar dig.

Tack för din kärlek.

Tack för din visdom.

Tack för din magi.

Framför allt, tack för mitt liv - mitt fantastiska vackra liv.

Mamma, jag älskar dig och jag kommer att vara så snart jag kan.

Translation -

Mother, the lady Freja incarnate, I love you.

Thank you for your love.

Thank you for your wisdom.

Thank you for your magic.

Most of all, thank you for my life – my awesome beautiful life.

Mom, I love you and I will be there as soon as I can.

Posting my all-time two favorite photographs of us. The first photo was taken in the late 80s. My mom is too cool!...

The second, March 19, 1994 – when I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Toledo. It meant everything to me that you were there! Thank you for that too!

Find love. Find unity. Wake up. Have a wonderful week – much love, Randy

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Photo inspired from Golden Tears by Gustav Klimpt
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