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Updated: Aug 1

May 1, 2020

Happy Beltane everyone! Before I start, I want to thank Armi Jarvis of Armi of One Media for making this happen. She is a tornado and I can’t thank her enough for her tenacity and hard work. This website will evolve so long as I live. It is not a commercial website. I am not trying to sell anything, hence the extension ‘life’ instead of 'com'. It currently contains a statement of beliefs, a links page, an invocations page, a blog, some of my favorite quotes, and a subscription page.

Today's topic - the “Real News” category on my links page.

I have analyzed both mainstream and alternative media with rigorous scrutiny over the last eight years and these five have earned their place with me many times over. When I use the word ‘analyzed’, I mean analyzed through the lens of social psychology.

During my first attempt at a PhD in 2014, I had access to most university databases around the world. When you get a chance, look up ‘Operation Mockingbird’. It will be difficult finding objective information as internet search engines have sanitized the history of this appalling psychological operation committed on the American people. I can assure you it is still running at full steam today. And for those of my friends on the right, FOX is just as guilty. Yes sir, FOX is simply the other side of the same counterfeit coin.

While we are on the topic of my friends, it appears I have an equal number on both the right and left sides of the political spectrum. Let me be clear - I am an Independent with a capital ‘I’. I was a Libertarian Party supporter for many years until the Gary Johnson fiasco in 2016. After his unbelievable hypocrisies, I knew I could never belong to any party again. While I am mostly a libertarian at heart, I maintain my own ground and vote on principle, not party lines – truly independent.

I would like to warn my friends on the right about The Epoch Times. At this point, I have a big red flag waving over them because of YouTube’s endless promotion on nearly every political video they have 'not' removed. YouTube’s record of removing evidentiary videos is awful. About four years ago, I started warning people to download videos (that could actually be used in court) before YouTube removed them. Now when someone gets curious about a controversial topic on YouTube, related to a video that has not been removed, you get to watch a commercial about The Epoch Times. Forgive my suspicion, but please - think of the Pied Piper and you’ll get the idea. If I catch them disseminating propaganda, I will burn them right here on this blog. The Epoch Times? I'll pass for now.

As to my five “Real News” sources; You can subscribe to any or all of them and get real time relevant news on a daily basis. Their investigative journalism has impressed me on so many occasions I have lost count. Collectively, they are the cream of the crop with regard to alternative media and far above the propaganda of mainstream news.

I have personally met G Edward Griffin (Need to Know News) and I have communicated with Jon Rappoport (No More Fake News) on a number of occasions. They are of the highest integrity. Between ‘Activist Post’ and ‘Need to Know News’ you are getting a well-rounded daily dose of news you won’t find anywhere else, presented outside the spectrum of the right-left paradigm.

Jon Rappoport’s ‘No More Fake News’ contains analysis, exercises in logic, with a touch af sarcasm, so Jon can be quite entertaining, but his credentials are solid and he will always remain in the top tier for me. I consider him a mentor.

Truthstream Media’s exposé on Lyme disease got my attention a few years back and their overall work is priceless. When you have the opportunity check out their film, The Minds of Men ( This is an amazing piece of research and an incredible film of how the elites captured us. Very educational.

Finally, Ben Swann with ‘Truth in Media’ approaches topics in a way that paints the opposition in a corner with no escape.

It’s a lot to digest, but you will be in the ‘objective know’ far above anyone glued to CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, and the rest of the alphabet soup of state-sanctioned propaganda.

Always use your eyes and the scientific method when you can. Blindly saying that you know something is true because you saw it on FOX or CNN is doing a huge disservice to the person you are talking to and to yourself. I obtain around 50% of my information from my five "Real News" sources listed in the links section. They have earned my trust within literally hundreds of other alternative media sites, some of which turned out to be nothing more than disinformation/counter-intelligence operations. That’s right, the government has people on their payroll simply to lead you astray, waste your time, and hopefully get you to believe 'all' alternative media is garbage. The other 50% of my information comes from eyes on, either myself or others, from within their respective fields of expertise. This is called human intelligence (aka HUMINT). So if I receive information that I find interesting, I will always try to verify the information through the appropriate HUMINT channels.

Now, let me address a couple of websites that pride themselves in the use of the word ‘debunking’; Snopes and Metabunk. Remember my quote from earlier, 'Blindly saying that you know something is true because you saw it on FOX or CNN is doing a huge disservice to the person you are talking to and to yourself.' Here is another no-no, stating the following, “That’s not true. I looked it up on Snopes and/or Metabunk.” No. No. No. This is not critical thinking. They may actually expose some misleading information but, on at least two occasions, I have found their ‘debunking’ to contain severe contradictions to actual first-hand intelligence. If they lied twice, what else are they lying about? Who are they protecting? Is there any financial incentive in discrediting a truthful story? These are only a few critical questions you need to ask before giving up your intellect with your unchallenged blessing. Respect and cultivate your intuition!

And let me add this; There were only two times I was shut down in my 10+ years on Facebook. Once in 2013, I starting digging into Snopes when I caught them in a blatant lie. Unfortunately, I cannot discuss what the lie was, but I can say I had first-hand knowledge their ‘debunking’ was wrong. I started uncovering their background and posting my findings on Facebook. Next thing I know, Facebook has shut me down for 24 hours. Of all the things I have posted over the years, this is what I got shut down for? Interesting, to say the least. Two years later it happened again regarding another known lie with Mick West of Metabunk. Facebook shut me down again, this time for three days. I got the point. You mess with the daily programming and you get put into Facebook jail. That second censoring is the reason for the very blog you're reading right now.

Speaking of Facebook, here is an awesome segment from Ben Swann. I’ll let you watch so you can understand how bad this actually gets. They’ve been shaping and controlling your reality for years. Try turning off your TV and computer every other day. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel.

One final thought - In 2016, I was asked at a public forum, “How do I wake people up?” My response, “You have to do it gently.” I can’t emphasize this enough. You have to plant a seed, a small seed of dissonance that challenges the so-called truth, and not in an adversarial way. You plant the seed and hope it grows. If it does not, they are not ready. If it does, stay gentle. Destroying someone’s world-view is not a light matter. Remember that always. People have withdrawn from society, some have become severely sick (as I did), and in the worst cases, some have taken their very lives. Cognitive dissonance is done gently, with love. That is the only way.

I think I have said enough for today. If you have questions, please send them to and I may just do a blog entry for your question. Also, make sure and hit the 'subscribe' button and enter your information. You'll get notified every time I update the blog.

Breathe and be aware of each breath, express gratitude for the good in your life, whatever that may be - the eyes you see with - the lungs you breathe with - the legs you walk with - and so on. Have a great weekend.

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