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Updated: Aug 13

June 17, 2020

I was all set to throw in the towel last night. I just could not take the lack of awareness, the frustration, and the inability of people to challenge the official narrative. Last night I unsubscribed from the Seattle Times, which is quite possibly the worst newspaper in the country. The Seattle Times is nothing more than a psychological passive mind-control operation for intellectuals. I only subscribed to analyze the techniques they were using. After six weeks, I had enough. It is very efficient (what they are doing) and very disturbing. I also cancelled my "Nextdoor' account. I was there to gauge where the local community is at - buried in the Seattle Times, hook, line, and sinker, apparently.

Two friends reached out to me this morning and strongly encouraged me to keep going. One of those friends is a recent 'red pill' taker and struggling with ‘seeing clearly’ right now. That is normal. It hurts to swallow that pill. The other friend encouraged me to “make my bed”. They convinced me, for now. I will try to keep going…for whatever it’s worth, just in case someone is starting to “get it”.

The most frequent question I receive is, “If all these things happening to us are unrelated coincidences, then what is happening?” I have been doing my best on this blog to explain that. If you are new here, I advise you to start at the bottom and work your way up. I am only one man, with a work schedule, who needs to pay the bills like everyone else. Today, I am going to refer you all to a front-line soldier who is working full time on the aforementioned question. He has my full endorsement and support. We are not only on the same page as they say, but on the same sentence. Please welcome Spiro Skouras.

The following is AUDIO only. I suggest you not multi-task when you listen to this. Find a comfortable place, grab your favorite beverage, and truly let this sink in. He is dead on it…

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