• Randy Vanadisson

"Illnesses and Hospital Visits on the Rise for Children" by Patrick Howley

October 11, 2020

American civilians including parents are now blaming mask use for illnesses and hospital visits for their loved ones, including children who are developing a face rash called Impetigo at a rising rate.

Parents are now reporting that their children are suffering face rashes since the masking of society began.

Fox 54 in Georgia recently reported:

“The Pediatric Emergency Department at Doctor’s Hospital has been diagnosing and treating an increased number of children with rash on the face, extremities, neck ,and other areas of the body. This rash is called Impetigo, which is a highly contagious rash from a bacterial infection that can be worsened by wearing contaminated masks. The rash looks similar to a cigarette burn which contains a highly contagious honey-colored fluid. This skin infection is usually acquired from other children since it can be easily transmitted by touching.”

Thomas Cotten writes on Facebook:

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