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CIA Social Isolation Techniques Next: Involuntary Quarantines in FEMA “Non-Congregate Shelters"

by Brian Shilhavy [edited for content]

August 18, 2020

Children isolated and masked. Image from Facebook. Original source unknown, but assumed to be in China somewhere.

In a previous article, we published the research of Civil Rights Attorney Leigh Dundas on the origins of “social isolation” techniques which she found to be traced back to torture techniques used for decades by the the CIA.

Here are the highlights of what she revealed:

Here are some lesser known facts about social distancing and isolation:

• It was developed 70 years ago by the CIA to break down enemies of state.

• It is the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day AND being an alcoholic.

• It doubles the risk of death, and destroys the part of the brain responsible for learning.

To read her entire investigation along with references backing this up, see :

Children Have 0.00% Chance of Dying from COVID but are Harmed for Life by Social Distancing, Which has its Roots in CIA Torture Techniques

Scroll down to the section titled: Social Isolation is a Human Rights Violation on par with Torture and Other War Crimes

Next Phase: Involuntary Quarantines in Social Isolation Prison Cells “Rooms” or “Shelters”

The next phase of social isolation in the name of COVID measures will be involuntary quarantines in places that have social isolation rooms, which are basically the same as solitary confinement punishments used for criminals in prison or military camps.

This is not currently happening as we end the first phase of the COVID Plandemic in the United States. But sources around the world make it clear that these plans for involuntary quarantines are in place for Phase 2 when it is announced later this year that the “second wave” of COVID has arrived.

Last week, New Zealand Health Director-General Dr. Ashley Bloomfield announced publicly that all new “cases” (meaning the person received a positive COVID test result) of COVID are “to be managed in a quarantine facility,” and this includes “others in the household.”

Interestingly, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern just announced that the scheduled elections for next month have now been postponed due to increased cases of COVID, which simply means they are now testing more people with the inaccurate COVID tests to come up with more positive cases to justify more government intrusions into the lives of their citizens.

In Canada, Dr. Theresa Tam, the Director General of the Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response, is warning citizens, much like CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield is here in the U.S. (see: The CDC is Planning for Massive Deaths this Fall), that things are going to be much worse this fall. (How could they possibly see into the future??)

For many years now, Dr. Tam in Canada has publicly stated that in pandemics the Canadian government has the right to arrest people who are non-compliant and quarantine them involuntarily.

In a Liberty Talk Canada video of August 8, 2020 (which has since been removed by YouTube), Odessa Orlewicz reports that isolation chambers for “suspected” Covid19 infected patients are being built and operated in Canada in preparation for a new general lockdown she believes will happen in the Autumn of this year, 2020.

She strongly advises that this will involve the forcible extraction of people from their homes into detention and containment centers and the separation of children from their families under the pretext of the need for “quarantine” in a new “outbreak.”

She also reported that a whistleblower at SNC Lavalin, a major Montreal-based construction company, contacted Susan Stanfield Spooner, the leader of the Coronavirus Lockdown Protest, Vancouver, BC (April 17, 2020).

According to Odessa, Susan Stanfield and the whistleblower had a long talk, and Susan wanted Odessa to announce that the whistleblower has reported that the SNC Lavalin company is building an isolation center with hundreds and hundreds of tiny isolation rooms for Canadians.

The company allegedly contracted with the Canadian Government to build these social isolation rooms is Onyx, Inc.

Just in case this page on the Onyx website disappears, here is a screen shot.

In the United States, the department responsible for coordinating the quarantining of people during pandemics is FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency).

They refer to it as “Non-Congregate Sheltering.” Here is the FEMA page:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Non-Congregate Sheltering

So far, all “Non-Congregate Sheltering” for COVID cases has been primarily in hotels dedicated for this purpose. In California, for example, even many of the homeless are currently being sheltered in hotels, thanks to massive government funding being released in the name of COVID.

If there are federal government contracts that have been awarded to businesses constructing these social isolation rooms, they have done a pretty good job of concealing it so far, as I have not been able to find them.

If anyone working with one of these companies would like to contact us with details on this operation, we will keep your identity anonymous. If you contact us securely using an untraceable connection (which we highly advise!), please try to supply photos to back up your claims, and any copies of documentation regarding these contracts would also be helpful.

Last week a video surfaced on YouTube showing what looks to be “human cages” with toilets in Caruthers, California.

The Corporate Media is Controlled by the CIA

The American Civil War II has already started, and the vast majority of the population still does not understand this. And while the first Civil War was between the southern states and the northern states, this Civil War is rapidly becoming a division between urban centers and rural areas as people flee the cities in masses.

If you have not yet watched the film ShadowGate just released this weekend, I highly encourage you to watch it. It has predictably been banned on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, but is available on our Bitchute channel as well as in multiple other places.

After watching this brilliant documentary produced by Millie Weaver, you will understand how the CIA and Shadow Government now completely control the American Corporate Media as pure propaganda.

Not only are they lying about facts regarding COVID and the urban riots, they are not reporting just how bad the situation has become in the United States.

The rich and famous Hollywood crowd in LA is leaving in masses, and what was once the richest urban area in the world, Manhattan, New York, is mostly all boarded up and resembles something more like a city you would see in a war-torn country, like Beirut in Lebanon.

Don't know who recorded it but I downloaded this yesterday

He's single handedly wrecked Manhattan

Ghost town

"Beirut DeBlasio" without the explosion

— tadgermania (@tadgermania) August 7, 2020

Please don’t take the bait and get caught up in the Fake News political wars the CIA-controlled media wants you to believe.

This is not about Trump vs. Biden, Republicans vs. Democrats. I am quite confident that whoever is going to win the November Presidential elections has already been determined.

This is a controlled coup against the American people and our way of life. They have been implementing their plan for a New World Order for decades now, and with a compliant worldwide public simultaneously being controlled by the fear of an “unseen enemy” called a “virus,” something the Globalists have dreamed about and tried to accomplish for years now, they are now making their move at a break-neck speed to reduce the world’s population and usher in their New World Order.

This is NOT being caused by a virus that has never been isolated in a laboratory, and which is no more dangerous than a normal flu bug we see every year, but is being caused by fear.

Incredibly, the solution is ridiculously simple. Stop being afraid! Resist and fight back! Tyrants can only rule by the consent of the ruled.

So stop consenting. Don’t isolate. Take off your masks and congregate, and start taking back your neighborhoods and communities.

Photo inspired from Golden Tears by Gustav Klimpt
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