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“Forced off the Fence – 2020 Presidential Endorsement” by Randy Vanadisson

Updated: Sep 15

July 19, 2020

Let’s start with a little honest political history before I get into ‘why’ and 'who' should be running this country. At my age, and with nothing to hide, I have no issues or reservations about telling the world who I am and where I came from politically. 

Prior to my undergraduate studies at the University of Toledo, I was not political by any means. My priorities were those of a hedonistic rock singer. Not much going on there – I didn’t care and didn't want to be bothered by politics. Then something special happened.

I returned to my hometown in Iowa and discovered that a dear place of healing and meditation had been chopped down and developed. It was an old grove of oak trees with a small creek running through it. During my troubled teens, it was a place of solace for me, a retreat to clear my head. Seeing it cut down really affected me. This moment in time, along the woman who would be my first wife, shaped my political beginnings. When I met her, she was involved with the Sierra Club. As it turned out, we both carried a deep love for nature and a desire to protect it.

We ended up in school together, her in biology and I in anthropology. This is where I first became political. Throughout my undergraduate years, I was a supporter of the Democratic Party. I even got the opportunity to shake Bill Clinton’s hand and I supported him in the battle against Bush Sr. in 1992.

Years later, when I realized what NAFTA had done to our country, along with Bill Clinton's appalling crimes against women (verified by sources who worked for him at the time), I can say undeniably that I am ashamed I supported this man. Do not misunderstand me. I would have never supported Bush. It was my initial understanding of the psychological trap known as “the lesser of two evils”.

Having felt betrayed by the consistent hypocrisies of the Democratic Party, and refusing to be trapped in the two-party paradigm, I researched both the Greens and the Libertarians. The moment of truth was handed to me during my graduate studies with two controversial issues; the Second Amendment and Affirmative Action with regard to college admissions.

I’m not getting into the Affirmative Action issue, suffice to say that I volunteered to take a counter-point during a moderated debate with other sociology graduate students. I was actually neutral, playing the part, until I was attacked. I fought back with logic, reason, and socio-economic considerations. I would say that debate ended in a stalemate. For me, it was my first insight into mind control and the potential of democracy being used as a tool of incredible evil.

This incident, along with being talked out of a masters thesis on the effectiveness of gun control (the data I obtained disturbed my graduate advisor so much that he convinced me to work on another subject), led me to compare the concept of democracy (protecting groups, or the tyranny of the majority) to the laws of our Republic (protecting each and every individual regardless of skin color, national origin, race, gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation etc. etc.). That moment in time, early in the Spring of 1995, led me to the doors of the Libertarian Party. From 1995 until just prior to the last election in 2016, I supported ‘most’ of the Libertarian platform and all of the Libertarian candidates.

My one break from the Libertarians (sort of) was my endorsement of Ron Paul for the 2012 Republican nomination. Dr. Paul was hated by most Republicans and considered a thorn by the right-wing status-quo for his ridged support of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and constant demand to audit the Federal Reserve. Dr. Paul admitted he was a Libertarian trying to win the Republican ticket. I actually became a county delegate for his campaign, a true activist. The Republicans went out of their way to destroy him with well-documented unethical cheating during the 2012 Republican Convention. Once he lost the nomination, it was back to my true Libertarian colors. I still endorse Dr. Paul to this day. His webpage is one of my top ten favorites -    

What happened in 2016? Gary Johnson happened. Johnson turned me from the Libertarian Party. I have been an Independent ever since and, despite today’s endorsement, I remain a hard-core Independent. I shall never follow another individual based on their party affiliation. Personally, I think it is insane to do so. If you follow my blog, you know where I am coming from.

What did Gary Johnson do that led me to drop my endorsement? First, he supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership, then he chose Bill Weld (a rabid anti-Second Amendment and Affirmative Action advocate) as a running mate. At this point, I was so angry at his ‘choices’ that I vowed to leave over one more high-ticket incident. That happened when, on August 24, 2016, he advocated mandatory vaccinations. To those Libertarians who maintain that Johnson did not say this, go to the following link for the actual audio –

Shocked, I immediately dropped my endorsement and left the Libertarian Party.

To all the Democrats out there wondering if I am coming back - absolutely not. In the last several months my sworn enemies have gone public in a big way. I personally know at least one person on board with the new "global reset". It cost us our friendship. If you have not been reading my blog, refer to the following link to understand the magnitude of this evil.

Joe Biden has aligned himself with these entities solidly, and the Democrats are endorsing our current violent path to a Marxist-style government controlled by a technocratic police state - the exact opposite of libertarian principles. I absolutely will never support this horror. I still can't process that Americans are fighting so hard to give up all their rights. We truly are in the twilight zone.

To all the Republicans out there wondering if I am coming to your side - the answer is a firm ‘NO’. I still believe the entire Bush/Cheney administration should be prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against humanity. I will never change my position with the Republicans until there is accountability for 9/11, the war in Afghanistan, and the 2nd Iraq war.

And now, here we are - in the present. Three days ago, I saw this, the most disturbing words out of Donald Trump’s mouth to date. Remember people, I am not anti-vaccine. I never have been. You all know it takes a minimum of 10-20 years to conduct a proper vaccine trial, NOT 12 weeks. This past Thursday, July 16, President Trump had a message for all of us. Here you go – a 20 second clip. You may want to take 20 seconds out of your life to hear what the President had to say. It WILL be relevant to you whether you want to hear it or not –

[UPDATE] And again on July 21 ~

This did not surprise me at all. If you read my previous blogs, you know I am watching all of this like a hawk. The masks are simply transitory leverage and I have personally talked to a Canadian border chief who told me that things will go back to normal once everyone has been vaccinated and we have a digital verification of the vaccination.

Strangely enough (perhaps it was fate), I received a call on the same day Trump put out this information. My associate told me that Jo Jorgensen was speaking in Seattle (yesterday) and asked me if I would help out with security. I’ve been lightly following Dr. Jorgensen and desired to fully understand her positions. I discovered that we are 95% on the same page regarding current events. I personally do not believe in open boarders. That is a personal deviation from the libertarian platform. It is not enough to deter my endorsement.  

I found her to be down-to-earth and humble. When we first met, she removed her mask and shook my hand without a glove. My response, “you’re human”. She gave me hug and after her speech I decided to sleep on it. Today, there is no doubt she is the only viable candidate for me. I am officially endorsing Jo Jorgensen for President of the United States of America.

I make this endorsement in spite of the “lesser of two evils” psychological trap. I make this choice with my heart, mind, and soul. I make this choice with what I know to be morally and ethically correct. I am good with it.

Dr. Jorgensen's campaign links:

We are out of time. You have to get over your judgment and hatred. It will not matter when ‘they’ come and crush all of us. You have to come together. Put aside your differences and focus on what’s happening and who is really pulling the strings here. This is not about right/left. Mainstream media is going to do their best to keep you there – divided - don’t do it. That is exactly what they want - all of us completely distracted so they can implement the new "global reset". It’s a well organized psychological operation. Wake up.

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