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July 12, 2020

Consensus regarding how Covid-19 should be treated continues to fall apart everywhere. Personally I am feeling inspired and empowered as thousands of MDs, DOs, NDs, RNs, NPs, and many other health-care professionals, risk their careers by standing up to questionable protocols. Armed with valid questions grounded in science, biology, epidemiology, and statistics, proper perception and proper action are now under the microscope. Just because mainstream media is presenting a one-sided end-all solution does not prove consensus, obviously. The core premise of, "this is not right," is gaining traction by the day. Let's get a first-hand breakdown of the revolutionary new vaccine. But first, who is Dr. Madej?

Dr. Carrie Madej is the Owner and Medical Director of Phoenix Medical Group of Georgia, LLC. A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), Dr. Madej's areas of focus are General Internal medicine and Complementary and integrative medicine. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Madej received her Medical Degree from Kansas City University of Medical Biosciences-College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2001, and completed her internship and residency in Georgia and decided to make Georgia her home.

Phoenix Medical Group of Georgia, LLC, provides care beyond the expected. The board certified physicians on staff utilize traditional medicine as well as alternative medicine to achieve each person's optimal wellness. Dr. Madej is trained to provide treatment for each patient using a holistic approach, along with traditional approaches to Western Medicine.

Specifically, Dr. Carrie's practice focuses on prevention of illness and achieving individual patient's optimal health and wellness through treatments and services such as nutrition, lifestyle modifications, vitamin therapy, and bioidentical hormone therapy. Also, attention is given to detoxing, identifying and treating chronic infections/allergens, as well as integrating other services such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, and counseling. She is a proponent of providing customized treatments to meet the unique needs of the patient so that chronic illnesses may be alleviated and acute illnesses avoided.

Dr. Madej thoroughly enjoys treating her patients and is passionate about educating them as well as others about "Good Medicine". In addition to learning ways to improve patient care, she is also an Attending Physician for the Pennsylvania College of Osteopathic Medicine-Georgia Campus where she mentors students in clinical applications of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Madej's expertise of treating the whole person, mind, body and spirit, has been recognized by many. Most recently, she was featured in the documentary, "The Marketing of Madness-Are We All Insane?"

And now...Dr. Carrie Madej, D.O.

The final minute of this video is incredibly moving, but watch it all and educate yourself.

Listen carefully...

We are out of time. You have to get over your judgment and hatred. It will not matter when ‘they’ come and crush all of us. You have to come together. Put aside your differences and focus on what’s happening and who is really pulling the strings here. This is not about right/left. Mainstream media is going to do their best to keep you there – divided - don’t do it. That is exactly what they want - all of us completely distracted so they can implement the new "global reset". It’s a well organized psychological operation. Wake up.

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