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"Defending a Great Doctor Accused of Spreading Misinformation" by Randy Vanadisson

Updated: Aug 13

July 8, 2020

In 2016, the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP), Board of Directors, selected Dr. Scott Jensen, a family physician from Watertown, Minnesota, as the Minnesota Family Physician of the Year. This video was played before he received his award at the MAFP All-Member Celebration on April 14, 2016.

You are probably wondering what happened and why does he look familiar. Well, he was one of the first doctors that outed the fraudulent death certificate policy used to pad the mortality rates of Covid-19. He was certainly not the only one. Hundreds, if not thousands, of doctors were speaking out about the bizarre requirement. Their have been shootings, car accidents, drownings, etc. etc., where the death certificate categorized fatality due to Covid-19. Anyone who is still capable of thinking critically needs to hold those responsible accountable...all the way to the top of the food chain (i.e. State Health Departments, any administrative authorities responsible, and the CDC itself) for such an appalling unethical mandate.

Dr. Jensen is now under fire for his rational questions and objections. This morning G. Edward Griffin summed up the situation, "Dr. Scott Jensen, a Minnesota state senator and a practicing physician, says he’s being investigated by the State’s Medical Practice Board for ‘spreading misinformation’ about the completion of death certificates and for ‘providing reckless advice’ on a news program by comparing COVID-19 to the ordinary flu. [Dr. Jensen is correct, of course, and If this goes to court, there is a good chance he will prove his case. Our guess, therefore, is that it will never go to court]."

How do I see it? I see a good man asking very reasonable questions; questions that crack the lid on Pandora's Box; questions that warrant the attention of those protecting the means to accomplish the new global reset. I am tired of playing games. I am now going to start calling this exactly how I see it, A to B, no frills, and no sugar-coating. We no longer have time for that. You simply need to wake up, dump the news, dump the politics, and understand the situation from empirical science and common sense. My blog is tiny, but I want to give Dr. Jensen every possible platform to present his side of things. Though I do not want to see him or his family harmed by the mentally compromised, a public hearing would be incredibly eye-opening. Like Mr. Griffin stated above however, that is doubtful - probably not in the best interests of the "new global reset" narrative.

Please give Dr. Jensen a few minutes of your time. He had the courage to put everything on the line to simply tell the truth. We are going to need more of that...a lot more if we are to survive what is coming. This is a video response to what is happening to him right now.

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Photo inspired from Golden Tears by Gustav Klimpt
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